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Max-OT Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is very important for overall health. No question about it. But too much cardio can certainly impede muscle growth. Cardio impedes muscle growth by taxing the reserves in muscle that would normally be used for growth and repair. Cardio also burns calories that could be used to fuel the muscle growth process.

From a health standpoint, some cardio should always be done. What you want to do is strike a balance between your cardio and weight training so that you maximize the fat-burning benefits and reduce the negative impact the cardio will have on building muscle.

The most important thing here with regards to the cardio maximizing fat-loss while having minimal, if any, negative impact on muscle growth is the intensity of the cardio, the length of your cardio work, and the time you do your cardio in relation to your weight training. I recommend doing cardio exercises 3 to 5 times a week for 16 minutes each session. And you want to do Max-OT Cardio!

Max-OT Tip:
You should approach your cardio exercises with the same mental focus and intensity you do your Max-OT training. Max-OT Cardio is not a walk in the park. It’s intense, it’s short, and it’s scientifically structured to burn fat while preserving and even building muscle. Yes, Max-OT Cardio can help you build muscle!

Here is a good introduction to Max-OT Cardio!

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