…continued – Randy’s Fat Loss Approach

To Randy’s surprise he drops another 9 pounds during this carb depletion. He sure could have used those 9 pounds he thought, but he’ll be ripped. However, when he looks in the mirror he’s not seeing a big shredded bodybuilder. It’s more like the smooth swimmer look. A little concerned, but “It’s water,” he thinks. “That’s all. When I cut my water out the last few days everything will come together.”

Well, contest day and he steps on the scale. Yikes! Not only is he in the next lower weight class than he thought he would be, but he just barely made that class. Another pound and he would be two weight classes lower.

On stage Randy looks small and smooth. What happened? What did he do wrong? Where did all the muscle go?

Does this sound familiar? How many people have you seen do this? Go to any local or regional bodybuilding show and you’ll see more people on stage that more than likely shouldn’t be up there than should. Go to a natural show and the percentage of those that should not be up there is even higher.

Why does this happen to most people? Plain and simple, they are doing just about everything wrong. In fact, they are doing just about the opposite of what should be done to burn fat and build muscle.

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