Max-OT – Routine 2

I will be outlining another Max-OT routine here. One aspect of Max-OT that I feel is very important is a “muscle-confusing” technique. I believe that to stimulate continuous muscle growth you need to continuously change the overload stimulation. I feel strongly that this change does not have to be drastic. It can be as simple as changing the order you do your exercises for each muscle group. It can be the simple addition of one set for a particular exercise and one less for another exercise.

What does not change are the basic Max-OT principles. No matter how you change your routines, the basic rules apply. Overload is the primary objective. Never change a routine if it results in diminished overload. Never, ever decrease overload as part of a change in your training. Muscle-confusion is not an excuse for reducing muscle overload.

Let’s outline a new Max-OT training program.

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