Supplementing to Increase Intensity Continued…

Wow, reading over that sounds like one hell of a sales pitch. And why not? It’s that good and that effective.

Look, this market is flooded with bogus products all claiming to be the best things in the world. Honestly, when I read through the magazines these days and see all the ridiculous ads with outrageous claims and read the disguised articles about the new “miracle” supplements it makes me sick. It’s embarrassing and it’s an insult to anyone that reads it. That’s how I feel. I’ve been in this industry a long time and AST Sports Science has contributed immensely to innovation and increase in nutrition and performance enhancing technology. So when I see crap like this persuading consumers to buy stupid products it make me sick.

AST Sports Science is more than a supplement company. We are an extensive information and education provider with the main objective of helping you make the best decisions and get the most from your training efforts as you possibly can. Just browse our website and then browse the other companies’ sites out there. There is no comparison to quality content, the honesty, and the tools that we provide.

Hey, I could have sold AST years ago for a big fat sum, but unlike others, that has never been my objective. I started this company as a means to provide new research, new training ideas, and new supplementation techniques all with the well-defined mission of instilling confidence in the end-user of our supplements and providing the insight they need to perform at the peak of their capabilities.

This is my motivation and this is a big reason I am providing this awesome program. It is very satisfying to me to be able to help people around the world and steer them in the right direction for building muscle, strength, and confidence. This is Max-OT, this is AST Sports Science, and this is what fuels my 90 hour work weeks.

So, get some Dymetadrine Xtreme. You’ll be very glad you did, and will look back and wonder how you ever trained without it. I guarantee it.

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