Max-OT is Designed For Intensity Continued…

As you can see, Max-OT is designed to synergistically increase intensity while it physiologically optimizes muscle growth and strength. This is the only training method ever developed that is designed to foster and avail the combined synergy between muscle energy substrate activity, adrenaline release, increased GH output, increase in nerve-muscle contraction force, and enhanced mental focus ability.

Max-OT training feeds on itself. Each element of Max-OT capitalizes off the other elements of the program. The very design of Max-OT ignites this myriad of physiological, biochemical, hormonal, and psychological activities that have a dramatic impact on intensity creation during training.

Max-OT enhances one’s ability to train with maximum intensity thereby increasing the muscle growth and strength response to weight training. That is how Max-OT helps to generate training intensity within itself.

There are other intensity generating issues that you have control over and can manipulate to help take advantage of Max-OT. Let’s take a look at these.

Mental Approach to Enhance Motivation

Motivation to train hard and heavy is something that needs to be cultivated. Sometimes you just don’t want to train. What do you do then? How can you make it to where you always want to train? You always want to test your limits. You always want to make your next workout better than the last. How can you create an intense desire to give it 100% and more every time you train?

The very structure of Max-OT makes this a more achievable endeavor, but there is a mindset to training that must come from within.

You have to want the results you are after bad enough to go through the pain and work it takes to get there

You have to sacrifice. Building muscle doesn’t happen by accident. Building maximum muscle takes a unique synergy between mind and body. Developing this link of mind and muscle takes some practice and refinement, but the truly awesome athletes work on this daily. The more you can hone and refine this link the greater development you’ll achieve.

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