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Did I get a little side tracked there or what? I wish I had the talent to be able put into words the passion I have for this industry, for the science of muscle dynamics, for the science of human performance enhancement and for my desire to help people succeed. . It’s actually frustrating as the passion runs through my mind, but my fingers just can’t quite convey the overwhelming enthusiasm. Anyway, maybe some of you can tap into this emotion with me and if I can reach and share this with just a handful of you, then I will have succeeded.

Okay, so now you know what intensity is. It goes hand in hand with overload in building muscle. Max-OT is intensity. You need to work on training with maximum and ever-increasing intensity each and every workout. I am going to outline a few techniques here to help you with this process.

Techniques For Generating And Increasing Mental And Physical Intensity

  1. Before each workout I want you to mentally envision your entire routine. Picture each set and each rep you are going to do. Focus heavily on the muscles that you will be training as you play your workout in your mind. Envision the weight you will use and even picture loading it on the bar.
  2. Define your goal. Establish a weight you want to lift for each movement. Envision successful execution of this weight in your exercises. Focus. This will generate mental energy, mental intensity.
  3. Define your physical goal. How much muscle do you want to develop? How big do you want your arms? How wide do you want your back and shoulders? How thick do you want your chest? Brand this image of yourself in your mind.
  4. Keep this focused mindset through your entire workout. Continue to create these images during and between sets. Again, focus.
  5. Finally, after each workout I want you to write down a reflection on how you felt while you trained. Could you have trained harder? Did your mind wander? Were you distracted? Did you get the most you possibly could from each and every rep? What could you have done better?By keeping a workout summary you make yourself accountable for each workout. This is important. If you don’t concentrate on maximizing each workout you’re very unlikely to maximize your gains. So take ten minutes in private after each workout to write down your reflection of how well things went and how you can improve.


Max-OT intensity is a level of mental and physical concentration, focus, and exertion that ultimately dictates the success of workout. Training with sub par intensity will yield nothing more than sub par results. The higher the intensity level while you train results in greater stimulation of muscle growth and greater increases in muscle strength. Refining your ability to train with maximum intensity workout after workout will virtually guarantee that you’ll move closer to your goal of optimum muscle growth.

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