Max-OT is designed for intensity

Max-OT intensity is a short-term, extremely focused and concentrated exertion of energy involving 100% mental and physical effort. The Max-OT program makes training with maximum intensity much more effective and much easier. It’s designed to capture and focus this intensity in each workout.

By now you know that building maximum muscle requires maximum intensity. You know that Max-OT is designed to harness this intensity. Here is how Max-OT will allow you to enhance your intensity levels by tapping into physiological pathways for intensity enhancement where other training programs will not. In fact, most training programs, by their very design, discourage intensity.

Max-OT Encourages and Develops Intensity

A large part of the intensity you exert comes from desire. It comes from your ability to put forth 100% physical effort while pinpointing 100% mental focus during your training. Max-OT’s design is centered around research done on attention span and mental intensity longevity as well as the physiological science of muscle energy and muscle hypertrophy. Here is a list of important physiological advantages Max-OT training generates that other training programs do not.

  1. A Max-OT set consists of only 4 to 6 reps. A single Max-OT set lasts between 16 and 20 seconds. Generating short-term, highly concentrated and focused mental intensity is a much easier task for the short duration of a Max-OT set than it is for a set with higher reps. Maximum high-energy intensity can only be generated and maintained for very short periods of time. Max-OT is designed to coincide with this time limited intensity threshold.
  2. A Max-OT workout is only 30 to 40 minutes long. This allows for maximum intensity generation and mental focus the entire workout. Again, working on time limited intensity threshold. You can only generate maximum high-energy intensity for very short periods only so many times during a workout. Max-OT is designed to capture this intensity for the duration of the workout.
  3. Each Max-OT workout consists of training only one major muscle group. You are able to apply maximum high-energy intensity without the concern for training additional muscle groups during each workout. When you train more than 1 major muscle group per workout intensity suffers. Maximum muscle fiber stimulation is compromised. Each Max-OT workout enables you to exert maximum intensity for each and every set during the entire workout.
  4. Max-OT training heavily recruits glycolytic muscle fibers which promotes a higher level of glycogen synthase activity than normal training methods. This stimulates rapid muscle glycogen re-synthesis rates for optimum mental concentration and physical energy output.
  5. Max-OT training stimulates an increase in levels of epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine which increase nerve-muscle contraction force. This has a profound physiological effect on strength. Not only does Max-OT build strength quickly, but it also promotes instant muscle contraction strength through this intricate, but natural chemical release. Increased epinephrine also stimulates enhanced glycogenolysis in the muscle tissue for increased muscle energy.
  6. Max-OT training reduces the rate of lactate accumulation lowering the need to efflux lactate and hydrogen ions from the working muscles. This creates a cellular atmosphere suitable for higher rates of ATP generation, increased muscle energy substrate turnover, and increased anaerobic power output.
  7. Max-OT training increases vascular flow and capillary exchange capacity enhancing muscle nutrient and energy substrate transport and increasing muscle energy by-product liberation.
  8. GH release is significantly higher with Max-OT training than normal training methods. An increase in GH release is substantial within just 10 minutes. Other training methods actually blunt GH release.
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