The amount of water used in each VP2 Whey Isolate and Micronized Creatine shake has the potential to affect the anabolic response of your workout. Let me explain why.

Creatine and amino acids are molecules that are very hydrophilic. That means they draw water to themselves. Their chemical charges dictate that they need to be surrounded by water for transport throughout the body.

When it comes to uptake by muscle cells, the water-drawing properties of these molecules ensure that they exert a very powerful anabolic effect when transported into the cell, this effect is known as cell volumizing.

When water is drawn into a muscle cell via the uptake of these nutrients, the cell’s volume increases. (Think of your muscle cells being like a water balloon.) In turn, this acts as an independent trigger of an array of anabolic (growth) processes that include increased protein synthesis, glycogen storage, a decrease in muscle protein breakdown, glutathione production, and further uptake of amino acids and other nutrients. All of these processes underline rapid recovery after training.

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Not taking in enough water during this time can short-circuit the anabolic potential of supplementation.  I recommend at least 18 ounces of water in each pre and post-workout VP2 Whey Isolate – Micronized Creatine shake. In warm weather, I’d increase this amount. It will only work to your advantage.

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How much water should I use in my VP2 – Micronized Creatine post-workout shakes?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min