Testosterone is the anabolic hormone that builds muscle. One research-proven method of amplifying testosterone’s muscle-building effects is to time your intake of proteins and carbohydrates. That is, just before and immediately after a workout.

The right amino acids flowing through your system during intense muscle contraction will amplify testosterone’s muscle building effect. The addition of carbohydrate reduces cortical responses which indirectly allow testosterone to exert its optimum effects.

The consumption of VP2 Whey Isolate combined with a simple carbohydrate like DGC before and after every workout is one research-proven way to boost the anabolic response of training, this strategy is shown in research studies to provide up to double the gains in lean muscle mass.

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No these are not exotic herbs or some obscure amino acid with no supporting science. This is a sound, scientifically proven approach.

Have a serving of VP2 Whey Isolate and serving DGC – 30 minutes before you train and a serving immediately after you train. Being consistent with this simple yet proven supplement technique will deliver incredible gains in lean muscle.

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What can I take to maximize testosterone levels after training?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min