Intense training tears down muscle tissue and inflames joints. A number of sports scientists suggest that chemicals called “free radicals” are responsible for much of the soreness that is experienced after a workout. Though our bodies are constantly producing free radicals, even at rest, exercise increases the metabolic rate and the amount of oxygen that travels through the body – which means a ton of free radical damage.This can impair recovery and impede growth. Vitamin C is probably the world’s most famous antioxidant (it helps mop up free radicals) and has been used to promote health and healing for more than 50 years. Recently, British scientists demonstrated that vitamin C may also help bodybuilders recover faster.

AR-5 Amino Acid Muscle Energy FormulaA group of men that received 200 milligrams of vitamin C before exercise demonstrated reduced soreness and tissue inflammation after intense exercise compared with subjects taking a placebo. So I think that taking 200-500 milligrams before or after training is definitely a smart move. However, since AR-5 contains 200% of recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C as well as loads of other antioxidants, you can get away with the lower dose. In fact, you can take a serving of AR-5 before training and not only get a mind blowing workout but kick start the recovery process before you even start your workout. Vitamin C may not be the complete answer to muscle recovery but supplementation close to intense training will definitely help.

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Source: Int. J. Sports Nut. Metab

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I take 500mgs of vitamin C in my VP2/AR-5 shakes before training to help with recovery. Do you think this is effective?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min