According to the latest research on this topic, dietary proteins are not the same in terms of what they contribute to muscle gains during weight training. Supplementation with soy protein after a workout provides a much lower anabolic response than dairy proteins.

In this study, Dr. Sarah Wilkinson and colleagues at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada examined the effect of consuming a serving of soy or dairy milk protein (containing an equal amount of protein and calories) on muscle protein kinetics following an intense weight lifting workout.

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VP2 Best Whey Protein IsolareResults showed that both soy and milk proteins increase insulin and amino acid levels in the blood. However, the consumption of dairy milk proteins ensured that a much greater amount of amino acids were deposited in muscle. In other words, supplementing with dairy proteins such as VP2 Whey Isolate in the hours after training ensures that more essential amino acids are taken up by muscle cells to stimulate a greater muscle-building response from every workout.

Source: Wilkinson S, et al. Experimental Biology

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Is soy protein isolate a good protein for athletes to consume after training?

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