Wednesdays: Back and Traps

The sets listed in the workout below do not include warm-up sets.

Back Sets Reps *
Barbell Rows 2 4 to 6
“V”-Bar Pull-downs 2 4 to 6
Pull-ups (add weight if needed) 2 4 to 6
Seated Cable Rows 1 4 to 6
(these are powerlifting style dead lifts)
2 4 to 6
Barbell Shrugs 1 4 to 6

* Remember, the weight you use should be light enough to do four reps, but heavy enough so you can’t do more than 6 reps. Each set should be done to positive failure.

Max-OT Tip:
Barbell rows are mainly thought of as a thickness builder. While this is true, the stretch at the bottom of the movement adds significant effect to increasing back width.

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