Designing a 6 Month “Plan of Attack” For Maximum Results

6 months may seem like a long time, but believe me it’s not. It’s the blink of an eye. Your approach to the next 6 months will be broken down into segments. This will enable you to reinforce your commitment to building maximum muscle and strength. By defining each time and event element you will be able to precisely evaluate and navigate your progress. Doing this also helps you adapt the needed “mindset” for maximizing your results.

Like I’ve said before, building muscle is not a random event. You must plan and execute, and the more efficiently you do this the greater your success in reaching your goals.

The Max-OT Road Map will be broken down into the following segments:

6 Months

This is the long-term time element. 6 months of Max-OT training, as most of you have discovered, can and will produce some phenomenal results.

You should set a 6 month goal. Some like to set goals and specific target dates for accomplishing them. I’m all for setting goals, but never let a goal stall or defeat your progress.

I set mental goals. I never write them down because I feel that’s too permanent. A mental goal is flexible and you can use this flexibility to increase your results. I set what I know are unobtainable goals, but use these goals for visualization effects. And most importantly I train to meet these goals. I also tier my goals from unobtainable to obtainable.

By tiering my goals I’m able to train at an ultra-high level to shoot for the unobtainable, but maintain continued motivation by achieving and/or exceeding my intermediate expectations. Never set a goal too low just to be able to achieve it.

2 Months

2 months or about 8 weeks is a Max-OT Training Cycle. You will take a full week off from training every 8 weeks. This is the Max-OT Cyclical Recuperation period and it is essential to maximizing Max-OT’s effect on muscle recovery and growth.

This week off allows for both mental and physical recuperation. It lets you reflect in detail over the 2 months of training that you have gone through and evaluate the success.

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