…continued – “Plan of Attack”

Each Workout

This is where you grade your individual workout performance. Your goal is to maximize every workout. Remember, once you complete a workout that’s it. It’s done. That opportunity for stimulating muscle growth at that point in time is gone forever. This is why it’s so important to get the most from every workout. In building muscle, there’s not a tomorrow. There is no such thing as “making up” a missed workout.

You miss a workout and you lose forever that opportunity for growth. A botched workout or a workout performed less than 100% is the same thing. When it’s over that growth opportunity is gone.

Each Muscle Group

Here you are breaking the workout down into muscle groups. You should gauge the effectiveness your training has on each muscle group every time you train. This feedback is valuable in continuing to increase your training effectiveness.

Each Exercise

As you can see you are going even further. Here you should evaluate each exercise during each workout. How was your strength during all sets? Where are you at weight wise? Is it time to increase the weight? Always strive to lift more.

Each Set

Each set of each exercise needs to be evaluated not only for performance and effectiveness, but also to determine what you do on your following set. Each set leads to the next.

Each Rep

The individual rep is the very beginning of the overload process. Each rep leads you to the next. In most cases the very first rep of a heavy-set dictates the success of that set.

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