A muscle needs a reason to grow. If a muscle is not given just cause to adapt to a demanding situation then it will not. Why should it?

Anytime you train with less than maximum overload you actually give your muscles a reason NOT to grow. And you create an adaptation environment that’s counter productive to muscle growth. If a muscle is called upon for less than full power and full contraction it will tend to adapt to this lesser overload – an adaptation that will actually lead to muscle and strength loss.

Are you beginning to see the importance of maximum overload – Max-OT? Your muscles need a constant challenge. You need to continually seek greater overload and greater intensity for continual muscle growth to occur. Any workout using less than maximum overload is a counterproductive workout. Not only does it stall progress, but it may actually impede muscle growth.

When structuring a training program it must have purpose. You must have an answer for each movement you do. You must be able to answer truthfully,

“Why did I do that set?” and “Will the way I did it contribute to maximum muscle growth?”

And your answer must be, “Yes this set will contribute to maximum muscle growth because the set was done with maximum overload and maximum intensity.”

Weight training to build muscle is a very individual sport. When you screw up the team doesn’t lose, you lose. When miss a workout the team doesn’t suffer you suffer. Building muscle is merciless. It will not happen unless you make it happen. Stray from the path and you certainly impede your progress.

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