Leg Exercises Not To Do

In the previous sections I have outlined the most effective leg movements for building muscle mass and strength. Now I’m going to list a few movements that are common in many routines that you should avoid mainly for lack of effectiveness.

Hack Squats

I’ve never seen significant benefit in Hack Squats. They are designed to isolate the quads, but in doing so limit overload and severely stress the knees. Limited overload and increased joint stress is not a formula that fits into Max-OT.

Sissy Squats

Sissy Squats are just that, sissy squats. This is where you hold weight next to your chest and lean back and squat at the same time while your heels are elevated. It’s basically a free weight hack squat.

Adduction and Abduction Machine

These are the machines that you sit in and spread your legs with resistance on the spreading portion and resistance on the closing portion of the movement. Why? These machines were designed to pacify many women that feel they need to target specific areas in their training as a way of losing fat or spot reducing. It’s flawed in conception and is flawed in design. It’s basically a Thighmaster in commercial form.

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