Building muscle and strength is a simple process of overload, recuperation, adaptation – overload, recuperation, adaptation – overload, recuperation, adaptation . . .

Max-OT Tip:
Building muscle is a simple process. Far too many people make it way too complicated. The more complex you believe building muscle is, the more complex you’ll make it. And the more complex you make it the less muscle you will build.

You must understand and accept that when building muscle “more” (volume) is not better.

I spent the last weekend with Jeff Willet, one of our athletes and one of the world’s best natural bodybuilders. Jeff and I discussed many aspects of training and why he has made such gains with Max-OT. He has used Max-OT for the last 5 years and as a result went from a good bodybuilder to an extraordinary bodybuilder earning the right to represent the United States in the World Championships.

Jeff told me that the biggest misconception people have when they first talk to him is that they think he trains eight hours a day. When he tells them that he never, ever trains more than 45 minutes a day, and that is a long workout, they don’t believe him. He also said that most of the time training is spent loading and unloading the weight.

Why are so many people so inclined not to accept this? Why do so many people who train increase their workout volume as the years go by in hopes of making more gains? Why are so many willing to accept less and less progress the more years they train yet spend more time in the gym?

My answer is – direction, or should I say, lack of the right direction. Unfortunately, there are very few “thinking” minds in this sport. As I stated before, the primary source of training and nutrition information comes from the magazines. And that’s a bad thing.

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