The week’s Max-OT lesson aims to solidify the foundation of what makes muscle grow – overload. Through the years of your training you have been continually bombarded with various training programs and ideas. You will continue to be exposed to different routines as the years come. The difference with Max-OT is that it works strictly on the sound principles that makes muscle grow. You are now learning a training approach, a training science that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Max-OT is solid and efficient and it’s designed to produce results every workout, every set, and every rep. There are no wasted workouts. There are no wasted sets. There’s no guesswork. Max-OT is sound with defined physiological principles that ignite and accelerate muscle growth.

Look, it’s simple. High reps don’t produce muscle growth, drop sets don’t produce muscle growth, supersets don’t produce muscle growth, and light weight certainly does not produce muscle growth. There is only one thing that signals a muscle to grow and that is maximum overload. It’s that simple. It’s that basic. Without maximum overload muscle does not need to adapt. If there is no reason for muscle to adapt there is no reason for growth. If a muscle is not given a stimulus suitable to initiate muscle growth then you will not get maximum muscle growth.

I’ll repeat an excerpt from earlier in the lesson:

Anytime you train with less than maximum overload you actually give your muscles a reason NOT to grow. And you create an adaptation environment that’s counter productive to muscle growth. If a muscle is called upon for less than full power and full contraction it will tend to adapt to this lesser overload – an adaptation that will actually lead to muscle and strength loss.

Think maximum overload. Think Max-OT.

See you next Saturday,

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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