If the only information you receive is the monthly regurgitation spewed from the magazines then you don’t stand a chance. You’re going to train wrong and your nutrition and supplementation will be guided by what makes the magazine/supplement companies’ owners the most money.

Now don’t get me wrong, every now and then you can find a bit of useful information that somehow accidentally made its way into a magazine. But the problem is you have to wade through all the mind polluting bullshit before you ever reach it. By then your mind is so tarnished, stained with self-serving propaganda. Your training suffers, your nutrition is way out of whack, and your supplementation program has left you broke with no added muscle to show for it. Sound familiar?

I was just recently asked this question:

Question: Do you recommend using heavy weights and low reps all of the time? If so, do you disagree with Hatfield, Costa, Platz, etc. who recommend periodization training? (Periodization Training rotates the weight and rep patterns every few weeks.)

Answer: I recommend training heavy and with high intensity anytime and every time you train. Max-OT philosophy is quite simple. Anytime you wrap your hands around a bar there should be one purpose that directs how you execute from that moment forward – to build muscle.

With this understood, I have to also answer this question with a question. If overload is what ignites muscle growth then how will periodizing with lighter weights and higher reps build maximum muscle?

Periodization training will not build maximum muscle and strength because it does not incorporate maximum overload. If your muscles don’t receive maximum overload they have no reason to adapt and no reason to grow. It’s as simple as that.

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