…continued – Carbohydrates

Now to the question, “How many carbohydrates should I consume per day?”. Carbohydrates should total about 37% of your total calorie intake. If you eat 3100 calories per day 1147 of those calories or 287 grams should come from carbohydrates. (3100 x .37 / 4 = 287)

I prefer (and your body prefers) to derive the majority of these carbohydrates from complex carbohydrate sources. The only simple carbohydrates should come from some fruit or from engineered dextrose like that in DGC As you know, you want to keep the junk food to a very minimum. I have to admit though, there’s nothing like a nice chocolate cake, or Little Debbie Snack Cakes, but these must be avoided.

By keeping your carbohydrate intake around 37% of your total calories, you are providing enough fuel for your muscles and other body functions while keeping excess carbohydrates from converting to body fat. And consuming mainly complex carbohydrates you are supplying a steady energy source without peaks and valleys associated with high simple carbohydrate consumption.

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