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Since 1992 we have updated and refined VyoPro Whey Protein no less than 9 times. As protein technology advances in the lab and through research, VyoPro Whey Protein has incorporated these advances to provide the latest in protein science. I can’t think of any other product available that has continued in refinement. In fact, what you currently have in the whey protein market is a regression in protein refinement, quality, and certainly muscle-building effects in lieu of lower costs.

Whey protein is more or less a commodity now. Because of our country’s patent laws you cannot be awarded patents for ingredients such as whey. You can patent certain procedures used in the manufacturing process, but you can’t patent the product itself. Unfortunately this leads to a huge distortion in product quality and effectiveness that can still capitalize on the name of the main component – whey protein.

To illustrate my point, as a raw ingredient, you can purchase whey protein for as little as 34 cents a pound or as much as $8.00 a pound. And basically you are getting exactly what you are paying for with each price increment. In most cases, when you buy a 5 pound container of whey protein for $30.00 the company is making much more profit off you than a company selling you 2 pounds of a high-quality, properly processed whey protein for $40.00. You can bet your ass that the protein used in the $30.00 – 5 pound whey protein is much closer to the 34 cent per pound range. This is the same protein used in cake mixes, potato chips, gravy mixes, and even low-cost cattle feed.

Just because a container says “whey protein”, it’s no guarantee you’re getting a suitable protein for building muscle

We have performed a number of tests on different whey protein supplements and found some to contain less than half the protein as claimed on the label. This is not uncommon and with the proliferation of the low-cost whey protein being offered you can bet it will just become more widespread.

Bottom line is that whey protein is not created equal by any sense of the imagination. Skip on the quality of the whey protein you use and you’re doing nothing but robbing your muscles of the growth potential that is available to them. Think about the pain, the dedication, the sacrifices, and everything you give up to train as hard as you do. Why would you diminish the results of those efforts by skimping on protein?

We have established, and by now you should be keenly aware, that protein is the most important nutrient for muscle growth. This is a “no-compromise” area of supplementation. What I’m trying to say is if you forego quality for price (like you see in the $30 – 5 pound tubs of whey) then you will certainly pay the price in poor protein utilization, poor muscle growth, and poor results.

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