Well this wraps up the basic portion of Max-OT nutrition. To some of you this was a refresher. To some this was completely new. I hope I conveyed the importance of protein and what it means to muscle growth. Max-OT nutrition is a bit unorthodox in comparison to normally accepted nutritional practices, but then again so is Max-OT training. That’s why it works so well. Instead of rehashing old training ideas, Max-OT uses sound, fundamental, physiological feedback to give the muscle what it needs to respond and grow.

Max-OT nutrition follows the same trail. By looking at the very basic and fundamental nutritional triggers that support muscle growth and refining the “how-to” and “how-much” of the basic nutritional understandings of building of muscle, I have detailed a specific and very accurate way to determine your most import nutritional needs.

Now you have a specific guide and formula to calculate exactly how many calories you should eat each day. You can now calculate the exact amount of protein, exact amount of carbohydrates, and the precise amount of fat to put your body in anabolic-overdrive.

Match this nutritional approach with the most effective training program and you’ll be set to see gains in muscle size and strength like you have never seen before.

Next week I will detail specific supplementation programs to enhance muscle growth, energy, intensity, and fat loss. I will tell you which supplements work and which ones don’t. I will also shatter the myth of sodium intake and show you how you can use sodium to help not only enhance muscular gains, but also reduce injuries, increase strength, and also increase the effectiveness of key supplements.

As you can see, the idea is to put on muscle and not fat. Sometimes this is tough to monitor. I have been working with a company out of Hong Kong in the development of a reasonably priced computerized fat monitoring caliper. It uses one of the most effective, private, and certainly convenient methods to keep track of body fat levels.

Tracking your body fat when employing different training, dieting, and supplement programs is a perfect way to see just how effective changes in your programs. This computerized body fat monitor is the neatest thing I have seen to measure body fat and monitor it as you progress. I’ll let you know when we have things finalized and when it will be ready. In the meantime, if you would like to be notified when it’s available just make sure you sign up for our Performance Update email newsletter!
Train hard and heavy and I’ll see you next Saturday.

Paul Delia

AST Sports Science

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