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The Five Nutritional Elements Continued…

The importance of protein cannot be overstated. Understanding the need for a continuous supply of protein will certainly set you in the right direction for building muscle.

Protein Sources

I like to breakdown protein into two categories: Whole Food Protein and Protein Supplements.

Whole Food Protein
The best whole food protein sources are chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish, eggs, and milk. These are the protein sources that nature supplies and they are excellent forms of protein that certainly should be included in your daily diet.

Protein Supplements
Protein supplements are a completely different story. The advances made in food science and protein technology over the past 5 years has revolutionized the supplement industry. And nowhere has the advancement been greater than in protein supplementation.

In 1992 we started doing an extensive amount of research into whey protein and the emerging science on its effect on nitrogen retention, weight gain, and protein deposition. The information extracted from this research was revolutionary in what it resulted in.

Although whey protein had been used in the past, the processing techniques used and the resulting end product were very crude. To make whey protein more viable, we sought out new processing techniques in an effort to yield a higher protein concentration and more efficient, higher quality whey protein supplement. What we came up with revitalized and revolutionized protein supplements and set a new standard in whey protein development.

VyoPro Whey Protein was the first protein to incorporate advanced processing techniques. This enabled us to produce a highly concentrated whey protein without denaturing the delicate protein fractions. The result was a protein source with the highest nitrogen retention capabilities of any other protein made.

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