I’ve gone into detail about the physiological differences between white and brown adipose (fat) tissue in a previous Q&A.

Brown fat is an important heat-generating tissue, while white fat is the more typical form of fat we associate with undesirable weight gain. White fat is our storage form of energy.

Brown fat serves to regulate body temperature by increasing metabolic rate. A recent study has identified that brown fat is a significant source of heat generation in adults. White fat is located around the gut and lower back. It’s the white fat you need to concern yourself with getting rid of.

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To get rid of this type of fat, the same rules apply; follow a set eating plan and calorie-controlled diet, perform vigorous cardio and weight training exercise to build muscle and boost your ability to burn fat.

Source: American J Of Physiology 293: e444, 2007.

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What is brown fat? Is this the stuff that’s hard to shift from my midsection? If so, how can I get rid of it?

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