Yohimbine is derived from the bark of several trees, most notably Pausinystalia yohimbe and Corynanthe yohimbe. Yohimbine has been marketed as a testosterone booster but I’m not sure how that one came about ― there is no science-based evidence to suggest yohimbine has any effect on anabolic hormone production. However, some researchers suggest that yohimbine can have a very favorable impact on fat metabolism.

Yohimbine is a highly unusual compound as it is a natural alpha-2 antagonist that promotes sympathetic activity by central as well as peripheral mechanisms to promote fat loss.

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Dymetadrine Xtreme Thermogenic IntensifierAdditionally, research has shown that supplementation with yohimbine does not raise heart rate, increase blood pressure or induce any other undesired side effect that is characteristic of other stimulants. Best of all, when taken before exercise, yohimbine is shown to boost lipolysis (the process of mobilizing fat from cells) and increase blood free fatty acid levels both during and after exercise. This is why the highest quality yohimbine is a key ingredient in Dymetadrine Xtreme.

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Is Yohimbine a testosterone booster or fat metabolizer?

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 1 min