First off you simply have to want the results you are looking for more than you want the food. You have to realize that when you go off your diet that puts you further from your goals. Don't rationalize eating more food than you know you should. It's a mental game. When you get your head right you'll actually like that hunger feeling because you'll now that correlates directly with burning fat.

This mental game is tough and is what usually separates success from failure. Master this and everything else is easy.

Now from a physical perspective, check your macro nutrient breakdown of your overall daily calorie intake. In particular, make sure that your protein intake is adequate. Research has shown time and time again that it’s the amount of protein in the diet that is closely linked to satiety during dieting. Satiety is the feeling of satisfaction from the consumption of smaller meals.

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I really want to add some good muscle size, but I just don’t have the time to train for hours each day and the eating you guys do just won’t fit in my schedule. Is there a less time consuming and less burdensome way to build muscle?

Protein has a stabilizing effect on blood insulin and glucose. This effect promotes satiety and prevents hunger pangs. This helps you stick to a calorie-restricted eating plan. This is also why researchers are now extolling the virtues of a high protein, calorie-controlled diet for an effective reduction in body fat. When in doubt, I recommend you increase your overall protein intake.

To be sure you are consuming the correct macro nutrient profile that will speed fat loss with the least amount of pain, utilize our Nutrient Calculator. This will help you figure out precisely how much protein, carbohydrates and fats you need based on your calorie level.

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When I start to diet and reduce my calories, after a few days I get crazy hungry. After a few weeks I find myself straying off my diet. Any advice on how I can avoid this and stick to my plan?

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