Surprisingly, there is not a lot of research on this area of nutritional science, so I’ve had to dig deep and draw on some diverse literature. However, if you’ve read my previous research articles, you’ll see I have not been off the mark so far.

To enhance your body’s anabolic drive, remember these crucial points:

 Don’t drop your dietary fat intake too low, for too long. Athletes who consume diets ultra-low in fat (below 15% of total calorie content) probably have sub-optimal levels of circulating testosterone.

Raptor-HP - Bioactive Hydrolyzed Beef Peptides The type of protein you consume is also important. Men who include red meat in their diets have higher concentrations of free (active) testosterone. Raptor-HP is made from prime red meat.


 Effective management of insulin appears to be all-important to prolonging the active life of IGF-1 production. Steady-state insulin levels are required for IGF and growth hormone (GH) to exert their maximum effects on muscle.

 Once insulin levels are restored they must be kept steady within a narrow physiological range for the rest of the day. If you do not, then that nice squirt of GH and IGF-1 you’ve produced during training will be short-lived.

 IGF-1 is produced in a dose-dependant fashion to protein intake. So a high protein intake at all times is critical to IGF-1 production. IGF-1 production is directly correlated to nitrogen balance. So, don’t skip a meal as your IGF production will suffer.

MultiPro 32X - The Serious Athlete's Multi-Vitamin Last, it’s very important that you are not deficient in any micro-nutrients. Vitamins and minerals are key precursors to all anabolic hormones. Take a daily serving of MultiPro 32X to ensure you get the quality and quantities an athlete needs for optimum anabolic hormone production.

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How can I eat to boost my body’s natural production of anabolic hormones?

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