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High-Performance “Super-Protein”. Raptor-HP is the best protein powder to enhance physical performance, increase muscle growth and strength, and enhance recovery.

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Introducing . . .

Raptor-HP – an all new High-Performance “Super-Protein” designed to enhance physical performance, increase muscle growth and strength, and enhance recovery.

For centuries the number one protein source for athletes has been beef – red meat. Beef imparts almost mythical effects on building lean muscle tissue and muscle strength. However, the biggest negative with beef has always been the bad things that come along with it. Namely excessive calories, fat, and cholesterol. Even with all the bad that conventional beef consumption brings, the world’s most successful athletes still eat massive quantities of red meat day in and day out.

Raptor-HP protein powder changes the game. It gives you all the good and incredible muscle-building and strength generating qualities of red meat and none of the bad.

Raptor HP is Engineered From Beef/Red Meat Protein

Raw Steak High Protein

Raptor-HP is a complete high-performance protein derived from all-natural beef raw material with no added hormones and is GMO free. No dairy, no soy – pure 100% premium beef protein.

The actual peptide component in Raptor-HP is greater than 97% protein. This is far higher than other proteins and yes – more than whey isolate.

New and innovative protein technology have allowed us to isolate an ultra-high, extremely efficient (muscle-building) peptide profile from beef into a ultra-concentrated, great tasting, high-performance powder.

Raptor-HP is High-Pressure Hydrolyzed

Raptor-HP is hydrolyzed using an innovative chemical and enzyme free High-Pressure Hydrolyzation (HPH) technique.

This is a new technique that allows precision molecular weight peptides to be cleaved from the intact protein giving the ability to engineer specific peptide weights within the protein composition.

Molecular weights of these peptides are measured in Daltons (Da). Raptor HP’s molecular weight profile 15% – 6,000 Da, 55% – 3,000 Da, and 30% – 500 Da and smaller. The smaller the molecular weight of the peptide the faster it’s absorbed into muscle tissue.

This gives Raptor-HP a Tri-Phase Peptide (TPP) for Engineered Absorption Dynamics (EAD)

Bodybuilder Drinking Raptor-HP30% of the peptides are ultra-low molecular weight peptides and get absorbed extremely fast for immediate return to positive nitrogen balance and an immediate effect of protein synthesis for muscle repair right after training.

55% of the peptides have a 6X greater molecular weight for intermediate absorption dynamics. This supports the anabolic growth phase that occurs a couple of hours after training.

15% of the peptides have a 10X greater molecular weight and are slowly released for extended anabolic support and recovery several hours later.

Raptor-HP – 3 Dimensional Protein

Raptor-HP is a unique 3-Dimensional protein delivering you fast, intermediate, and extended protein absorption rates.

Your muscles get a rush of fast acting protein right when you drink Raptor-HP for instant muscle repair and protein synthesis immediately after training.

You then get an intermediate flood of peptides to your muscles as you enter the anabolic growth phase and hour or so after your workout.

Raptor-HP is not finished yet – finally, you get extended anabolic effects as slow released peptides enter your muscles for enhanced recovery and growth long after your workout is over.

Raptor-HP is Enhanced with Creatine

Raptor-HP is also enhanced with creatine for the enormous research proven benefits creatine imparts. This creatine enhancement is synergistic with beef as red meat contains a high concentration of naturally occurring creatine. More so than any other food source.

Even with beef’s naturally high creatine content, adding additional creatine brings each serving to the research-proven dose quantities shown in clinical studies to build muscle and strength. You get the power of muscle-building protein and creatine in one shake.

The Muscle-Building Power of Beef

Raptor HP gives athletes the muscle-building power of red meat plus engineered peptide technology without any of the bad aspects of red meat.

All the good without the bad.

Tri-Phase absorption dynamics – fast, medium, and slow absorbing protein peptides.

Super low in fat. Virtually no cholesterol. Very low in calories.

Groundbreaking Raptor-HP

Obviously flavoring Raptor-HP was a big challenge. As you can imagine, the actual protein unflavored tastes like beef broth. Flavoring Raptor-HP took some breakthrough innovations in flavoring techniques, profiles and mouthfeel.

You’ll agree we hit it out of the park.

Raptor tastes better than any other protein available. It’s rich and creamy with absolutely no indications of beef whatsoever. You get the power of red meat, pure beef, with the taste of a gourmet milkshake.

Incredible Dark Chocolate Flavor

Dark Chocolate Splash
Raptor-HP is a rich, creamy dark chocolate. One scoop in 8 to 12 ounces of cold water or milk gives you a dessert-like shake with 24 grams of powerful, pure beef protein peptides.

The taste is incredible.

The texture and mouthfeel are smooth and creamy.

The muscle-building effects are fast and powerful.

The Name Raptor-HP

A protein this innovative and this powerful deserves an equally creative and powerful name – Raptor-HP.

The name Raptor comes from “Regulatory-Associated Protein of mTOR” It’s a signaling protein that is key in the muscle growth process. A fitting name for an incredible new super-protein.

HP – is a designation of our new High-Performance Series coming out over the next few months. AST Sports Science is all about High-Performance.

How should I take Raptor‑HP™?

Raptor-HP Protein PowderRaptor-HP™ is as versatile as it is powerful.

1. Breakfast – Raptor-HP™ makes a perfect high-protein breakfast on the go.

2. Pre-Workout – Raptor‑HP™ before your workout primes your muscles for energy and strength.

3. Post Workout – Raptor‑HP’s 3-Dimensional peptide profile makes an ideal post-workout muscle-builder for both rapid protein synthesis and sustained anabolic support.

4. Before Bed – Raptor‑HP™ before bed delivers your muscles a 3-stage peptide release for all night protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

5. Bonus – Raptor‑HP™ makes an awesome protein pudding for a late-night or anytime, protein-packed snack. Just add a scoop or two in a bowl, add a small amount of cold milk or water and stir to a smooth consistency.

Raptor-HP-Supplement Facts

  • 3 Stage Protein Release

  • Creatine Enhanced

  • Increase Protein Synthesis

  • Increase Muscle Strength

  • Increase Lean Muscle

  • Dessert-Like Taste

  • 24 Grams Protein

    • 7.2 Grams with Molecular Wt. 500 Daltons or Smaller
    • 13.2 Grams with Molecular Wt. 3000 Daltons
    • 3.6 Grams with Molecular Wt. 6000 Daltons
  • 8 Grams Carbohydrates

  • 1 Gram Fat

  • 3 Grams Creatine

  • 320 Milligrams Potassium

  • 200 Milligrams Sodium

  • 140 Calories

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