What is the best way to take BETA-X?

The research to date suggests that a Tissue Saturation Phase is required and this should be followed by a lower-dose Muscle Tissue Support Phase.

The Tissue Saturation Phase loads your muscles to promote higher carnosine concentrations. For example, take 2 scoops of BETA-X a few times a day (every 4 to 6 hours) for 2 to 4 weeks. Follow this up with a “Muscle Tissue Support Phase” which entails taking one serving of BETA-X 2 or 3 times per day (morning and evening).

Your serving of BETA-X could be taken with a serving of Raptor-HP during the day. You may also want to ensure that one serving of BETA-X is taken right after training with your post-workout MyoGenin shake.

Is beta-alanine the same as L-alanine? I mean, can I obtain the same effects by taking L‑alanine?

In biochemistry, beta-alanine is the only naturally occurring “beta” amino acid. These are amino acids in which the amino group is at the “beta” position from the carboxylate group (i.e., two atoms away). The IUPAC name for beta-alanine would be 3-aminopropionic acid, and although similar in name, its structure and function are very different to L-alpha-alanine.

For example, unlike L-alanine, beta-alanine has no chiral center which means its application is rather precise in terms of stereochemistry. Where L-alanine is a non-essential amino acid found in many proteins, beta-alanine is unique in that it is not used in the biosynthesis of any major proteins or enzymes other than carnosine and to a lesser extent pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5).

Are there any other nutrients, in your opinion, that might enhance the effects of BETA-X?

You may know that muscle fibers require the presence of calcium to contract. When the nerve impulse hits the fiber, calcium is released which enables the myofilaments (the contractile machinery) within a fiber to bind and “contract” as we know it.

We also know that caffeine enhances muscle contractile force by increasing the release of calcium. Other studies have shown that the presence of carnosine increases a muscle fiber’s sensitivity to calcium which in turn enhances force production. Additionally, the higher the concentration of carnosine in muscle, the greater this sensitivity becomes.

Completing a Tissue Saturation Phase with BETA-X (2 servings, 3 times a day) for 2-4 weeks will load muscles with high carnosine concentrations. Smart bodybuilders will take advantage of this by taking a serving of Dymetadrine Xtreme 30 minutes before their workouts. This should optimize calcium release, thereby maximizing the benefits of high muscle carnosine concentrations produced by BETA-X.

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Why do I get a tingling and flushing feeling when I take a dose of BETA-X?

Beta-alanine is a unique amino acid that imparts some remarkable performance and muscle-building effects. It will also cause a tingling and flushing effect on the skin called paraesthesia that many people find almost unbearable. In fact, those that have used a non-time released beta-alanine usually stop after a few days because this side effect simply can’t be tolerated.Beta-X Powder - Beta Alanine

This is where BETA-X’s time released technology comes in. By formulating BETA-X to be slowly released over 4 to 6 hours the tingling and flushing sensation is eliminated while at the same time supplying a steady delivery of beta-alanine to your muscles.

Would taking carnosine work just as well?

No. Supplementing with carnosine is simply not an effective method for increasing muscle tissue concentration of carnosine. It would first be broken down into beta-alanine and histidine and then would have to be synthesized back into carnosine in the muscle. Only beta‑alanine is shown in research to effectively increase muscle tissue concentrations of carnosine.

It’s not unlike glutathione. Supplementing with glutathione is an inefficient way to increase glutathione concentrations in the body. However, supplementing with NAC, a precursor to glutathione, will dramatically increase glutathione concentrations.

Same with creatine phosphate in muscle. Supplementing with creatine phosphate will not increase muscle creatine levels but supplementing creatine monohydrate will. (Something to know with all the “new” creatines on the market. Only creatine monohydrate has been shown to increase muscle creatine levels.)

Is BETA-X better for strength or size?

Both! Muscle strength and muscle size go hand in hand. Make no mistake about it. To increase muscle size to any significant degree, you will have to increase muscle strength. That’s how it works.

Don’t misconstrue this fact by confusing a smaller person who may have greater strength than someone who is bigger. If you want to increase your muscle size you will have to increase your strength.

As you increase your strength and train, heavier increased muscle size follows. BETA-X allows you to train harder and heavier and that, in turn, induces muscle growth.

What’s with the patent on BETA‑X?

Actually BETA-X is covered by 3 patents. U.S. Patents #5,965,596, #6,172,098B1, and #6,426.361B2.

These exclusive patents ensure you get the potent beta-alanine proven in scientific research to produce the effect crucial to increasing muscular strength. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

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Beta-X Questions and Answers

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