Since 1935, researchers have recognized that the restriction of calorie intake can significantly broaden the lifespan of insects, animals, and even humans. But how can fewer calories increase the lifespan?

The reason behind calorie restriction’s ability to influence how long we live appears to be a survival mechanism that is switched on when living organisms are exposed to harsh conditions. When a living organism is deprived of calories, a particular gene (called the sirtuin gene) up-regulates the activity of an enzyme called histone deacetylase. This enzyme prolongs the time that cells have to repair damaged proteins.

This enzymatic activity also silences the genes responsible for protein production (ribosomal DNA). Aged cells produce hundreds of thousands of extra copies of ribosomal DNA.

The accumulation of these proteins in living cells has been likened to a time clock that is counting down to its expiration date. Slowing down the rate at which proteins are made slows down the rate of cellular aging. Calorie restriction appears to stimulate this process very nicely.

The key to obtaining the health and longevity benefits of a calorie-restricted diet is to increase the nutrient density of your diet. You want to increase the amount of nutrients you get per calorie consumed.

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Supplementation with low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods is a very simple but effective way to increase the nutrient density of a calorie-restricted diet. Supplements such as VP2 Whey Isolate, R-ALA 200, GL3 L-Glutamine, and MultiPro 32X provide you an array of important nutrients that dramatically boost the nutrient density of your diet in a very calorie-compact manner.

Using this strategy you get more nutrients per calorie that not only optimizes the muscle growth and fat burning process but also works to create an age-defying and life-extending metabolic environment.

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Slow the Aging Process and Extending Lifespan Through Calorie Restriction

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