R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid (R-ALA) is a very unique supplement. It is unique in the fact that it is both fat and water-soluble. This novel characteristic means R-Alpha Lipoic Acid can access all parts of the cell to exert its potent effects and quench free-radicals that produce oxidative stress and damage to tissues. Controlling this exercise-induced oxidative damage is critically important. Less cellular damage during exercise means faster muscle recovery and greater protein synthesis.

Na-R-ALA-200R-ALA – The Athlete’s Antioxidant

Researchers consider R-ALA the “athlete’s antioxidant” due to its ability to boost your body’s glutathione. Research shows that increased production of glutathione produces dramatic improvements in body composition –  more muscle and less body fat! Conversely, low glutathione levels are associated with negative nitrogen balance and muscle catabolism. R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is one of a select few supplements shown to have a consistent, positive impact on glutathione and this factor alone ranks R-Alpha Lipoic Acid as a ‘must use’ supplement.

Aside from R-ALA being a premier antioxidant, it also provides unique benefits to glucose and insulin metabolism. There is a strong history of research showing R-Alpha Lipoic Acid has a positive impact on glucose transport into muscle tissue. This transport mechanism is very similar to insulin in its ability to drive nutrients into muscle cells.

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Research also shows R-Alpha Lipoic Acid increases the effectiveness of Micronized Creatine and this effect is believed to be because of this ability to enhance glucose transport. Micronized CreatineImproving glucose transport will increase muscle creatine uptake.

If all that isn’t enough to convince you how important supplementation with R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is, other studies have shown R-ALA can even improve brain function.

R-ALA is a potent supplement in more ways than one.

To summarize how R-ALA can help you build muscle . .

  • Reduce Free Radicals and Reactive Oxygen Species
  • Increase Glutathione Production
  • Speed Muscle Recovery
  • Enhance Glucose Transport Into Muscle
  • Enhance Creatine Effectiveness
  • Reduce Overtraining
  • Improve Brain Function
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How R-ALA Helps You Build More Muscle

by Paul Cribb Ph.D. CSCS. time to read: 2 min