Intense, short duration exercise is known to be a potent trigger of growth hormone (GH) release. The peak in this response seems to occur in the hours immediately following exercise.

Although the research isn’t clear on this topic, this post-workout peak in GH is thought to coincide with the recovery processes that must occur after exercise.

Recovery processes such as muscle protein synthesis and glycogen synthesis require substantial amounts of energy and the richest source of energy is fat. GH is a well established fat mobilizer. GH also plays a role in metabolizing fat for fuel. At least one reason for the exercise-induced peak in GH after exercise is to increase the availability and utilization of fat required to fuel the recovery process after exercise.

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One component of Max-OT Training and Max-OT Cardio is its ability to stimulate hormonal responses. The short but extremely intense nature of Max-OT provides not only muscle overload stimulation, but also the necessary stimulus for spiking anabolic hormone activity such as growth hormone.

Source: Growth Hormone and IGF Research 15: 397-404, 2005.

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Why does growth hormone release peak after exercise?

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