Scientists know that glutamine is an indispensable amino acid that is vital for proper immune function and the synthesis of all protein structures in the body. Very few studies have examined the potential benefits of glutamine for athletes engaged in rigorous exercise training. However, a recent study may have shed some light on glutamine’s true potential for athletes. This study revealed that glutamine supplementation resulted in a boost to exercise performance and better recovery between bouts of high-intensity exercise.

In this study, after baseline testing, a group of cyclists was put into two randomized groups. One received glutamine in a carbohydrate drink (0.3 grams/kg of body weight; a 24-gram dose for an 80kg participant) or carbohydrate-only for 6 days. After 6 days of supplementation the cyclists returned to the lab and performed the same series of tests; two bouts of maximum effort sprints (30 sec each) followed by a ride to exhaustion (at 70% of VO2 max).

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Results showed that the glutamine-supplemented group maintained a high peak power output in the sprint tests whereas peak power declined in those not given glutamine. Also, glutamine supplementation resulted in better performance in the endurance test. The researchers concluded that glutamine supplementation boosted performance by promoting better recovery from the exhaustive exercise.

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Source: Med Sci in Sport & Exerci, S127, 2005.

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Glutamine Supplementation Speeds Muscle Recovery

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