This is a good question. When training biceps and triceps in the same workout, once you have warmed up one of the muscle groups the other does not need the full Max-OT warm-up protocol.

Let’s say you have finished biceps. You did the standard Max-OT warm-up and heavy sets. Now it’s time for triceps. You more than likely only need one light to moderate warm-up set and one weight acclimation set.

Remember, you do not want to fatigue a muscle group doing unnecessary warm-up sets. The more a muscle becomes fatigued the less weight you’ll be able to use on your heavy overload sets. Fatigue is an enemy of muscle growth.

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Believe it or not, most lifters are still confused when it comes to overload and fatigue. This very basic misunderstanding has been the single biggest reason people will train for years and make very little progress. If you take just one point from the Max-OT training program, this is it. Learning to train with maximum overload while minimizing the overload reducing effects of fatigue will completely transform your results.

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When I finish the Max-OT warm-up and muscle acclimation sets for biceps, do I need to do another warm-up and muscle acclimation sets for the triceps?

by Paul Delia time to read: 1 min