Creatine does not cause muscle cramping. Here, I’ll say that again. Creatine does not cause muscle cramping.

Contrary to what has been reported by the inept, ignorant and irresponsible media, supplementing with creatine does not cause an increase in muscle cramping. This is simply a fabrication. Here’s how the ignorant reporters see this issue. If a football player is taking creating and gets a muscle cramp it’s because he’s taking creatine. If a football player is not taking creatine and gets a muscle cramp it’s just a typical muscle cramp.

To back this statement with research, I’ve turned to our research director Paul Cribb.

In a article that is soon to be posted on our web site Paul says:

“. . . in controlled studies the evidence shows that creatine supplementation does not cause muscular dysfunction and/or complication in healthy people1,2 or patients with various neuromuscular diseases3. In fact, one recent study went so far as attempting to induce cramping in athletes by exercising them to varying degrees of dehydration. No differences were reported between those taking the creatine or the placebo, demonstrating no greater incidence of cramping associated with creatine use even under various dehydrated states.4

Even when they tried to induce cramping through deliberate dehydration, the incidence of muscular cramping was no higher in those supplementing with creatine than those taking a placebo.

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Once again it just goes to show how misinformed not only the public is but also those that are feeding the public this misinformation.

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I’ve always read where creatine causes muscle cramps. Is there any way to reduce this?

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