Absolutely! Don’t be fooled into thinking that because you eat well, you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimum performance. And just because you eat well doesn’t mean you are even meeting the vitamin and mineral requirements for a sedentary person much less an athlete.

A multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplement is a critical tool that should be in every athlete’s arsenal. As an athlete, you put incredible demands on your body. Demands far beyond the average person. Pushing your muscles to the limit day in and day out requires optimum micro-nutrient intake to deal with the tremendous recovery needs.

Literally, every function in the human body requires the biochemical function of vitamins and minerals. When you are deficient in a required nutrient, you can disrupt critical functions necessary for growth and repair of tissues, regulation of body processes such as converting fat to energy, and even regulating sleeping patterns and aiding macro-nutrient digestion. Energy, vitality, as well as mental function and focus, can all be negatively affected by vitamin deficiencies.

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To advance as an athlete, you must push your body far past normal physical parameters, and you must do this with increasing intensity workout after workout. You are always pushing yourself to new and higher levels. The only way your body adapts and advances is through the nutrient aided process of tissue repair, recovery, and muscle fiber growth. Since vitamins and minerals are critical components in these processes, you must ensure your body is well nourished to handle this ever-increasing demand.

MultiPro 32X 100 TabletsMultiPro 32X is the biggest selling multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplement for athletes. It’s designed with higher yet precise potencies to meet and exceed the demands of hard training athletes. It’s designed for superior bio-availability and high nutrient utilization.

One MultiPro 32X tablet in the morning and one tablet in the evening covers the nutrient demands of even the hardest training athlete. MultiPro 32X is the perfect multi-vitamin and a must-use if you are serious about your training.

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I’m an athlete. I train hard and I eat well. Do I still need a multi-vitamin?

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