First thing I recommend you look at is your training frequency and sleep quality. A drop in testosterone levels in healthy male athletes is a tell-tale sign of too much training and/or not enough rest.

If you genuinely believe that you are not over-training then start looking at nutrients that are known to influence testosterone production.

MultiPro 32X - The Serious Athlete's Multi-VitaminYour vitamin and mineral intake must be adequate to ensure optimal testosterone production. I’d safe-guard your intake of these micro-nutrients by taking 1 tablet of MultiPro 32X in the morning and 1 tablet at night. Once you have your micro-nutrients covered, I’d move on to one of the most important macro-nutrients known to influence anabolic hormone production and that is omega-3 essential fats.

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Several recent studies have shown that a high intake of the omega-3 essential fatty acids are critical to ensuring a high level of bio-active testosterone in the blood. A deficiency in these fats results in less than optimal testosterone metabolism. It’s the bio-active or free testosterone that is important. This is the circulating testosterone that is actually active and provides the anabolic effects.

Finally, DHEA has been shown in numerous studies to positively influence testosterone production.The micro-nutrients from MultiPro 32X and the pro-hormonal effects of DHEA  are essential for optimizing your body’s production and function of testosterone as well as virtually every important hormone you produce.

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My testosterone level is on the low side. Is there a healthy way to optimized my natural testosterone production?

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