One good thing about bone is that it heals quickly and responds very well during rehabilitation. However, muscle size and joint strength in the injured limb are much more difficult to restore. Take heart, because recent research strongly suggests that there is one supplement that will help prevent muscle loss and speed recovery after periods of immobilization from injury.

The leading researcher of this exciting breakthrough, Dr. Peter Hespel, recommends that using creatine monohydrate during the injured phase will probably shorten the duration of rehabilitation needed to restore strength and muscle mass in the injured limb.

Dr. Hespel designed his research study to mimic the injury scenario many athletes go through. The researchers immobilized the right leg of all subjects in a cast for a two-week period. These scientists then gave one group a creatine supplement (5-grams per day) to consume during this “simulated injury phase, ” and another group consumed a placebo. After the immobilization period, all subjects undertook a rehabilitation program in the weight room to see how quickly they could restore leg muscle size and strength.

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The group supplementing with creatine restored muscle size much quicker. Creatine supplementation produced a 21% better increase in muscle growth and a 42% better gain in leg strength.

You’ve made a smart move by continuing to take VP2 Whey Isolate during your recovery. I’d also add a 5-gram dose of Micronized Creatine to your VP2 shake, twice a day. Many athletes stop taking their supplements during periods of injury. They figure their bodies don’t need these nutrients because they’re not training. However, this research demonstrates that supplementation can accelerate the recovery process.

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I resently broke my femour and can’t workout for a while. I’m taking VP2 twice a day. Any other supplement recomendations to keep from losing muscle while my leg heals?

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