As you know, the Max-OT protocol is to perform 4 to 6 reps per set. So with this understanding, as long as you can properly execute the exercise with the amount of weight you are using, you should move up in weight when you can perform six repetitions on a consistent basis.

To make it easy to understand, let me explain what I do. For a heavy set I shoot for a weight that I can do for 4 reps. As my strength increases, (and this happens pretty quickly with Max-OT) I start to get more reps with the weight. When I can get 6 reps consistently – 2 or 3 workouts in a row – then I increase the weight to an amount where I can only get 4 reps. And then the process repeats. As I continue to get stronger, my reps with this heavier weight will increase. Once I hit the six rep mark again for several workouts in a row, then I increase the weight again.

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So start out with a weight you can get 4 reps with. When you can get 6 reps with that weight then it’s time to increase. Remember, always strive to increase the weight you lift. Constantly increasing overload is what accelerates muscle growth.

I see people in the gym all the time that lift the same weight day-in and day-out. These are the same people who make little if any progress year after year. Don’t be one of those.

Ever increasing overload is essential to realizing consistent gains in lean muscle. By following the Max-OT weight and rep strategy, you are continually increasing the overload on your muscles and are continually growing new muscle.

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How will I know when to go up in weight on exercises when training Max-OT?

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