I get more questions on the Max-OT approach to warm-up sets than almost all other Max-OT principles. First off don’t over-think and over-complicate this process, but don’t underestimate how it affects your entire workout.

Warm-up sets are just that – warm-up sets. They do not build muscle and should not be treated like they do. However, warm-up sets dramatically impact the muscle-building effectiveness of your workout. Done right they can add instant strength increases. Done wrong and the can sabotage your entire workout.

Warm-up sets are done purely to warm and acclimate the working muscle to the heavy, muscle-building sets. Never, ever, ever go to failure or anywhere close to failure during a warm-up set. Make sure this is crystal clear?

The Max‑OT warm-up process is done to prevent muscle injury and to acclimate the muscle group for heavy weight. When you properly warm-up and acclimate the muscles being worked the Max‑OT way you will be stronger and less injury prone during your heavy, muscle-building sets. And you will not induce fatigue to the muscles being trained before the heavy sets begin.

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Warming up the Max-OT way will allow you to train heavier, harder and build muscle faster. This one technique alone will have you increasing the weight you use on your heavy sets the very first day you use it.

For more detailed information on this technique and the complete Max‑OT program start the course today. It’s the fastest way to build the most muscle possible.

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Warm-up Right for BIG Gains in Muscle and Strength

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