Supplementation is a very useful tool to help you meet all your nutritional needs. Raptor-HP is a perfect high protein meal already made for you. All you have to do is add water. I would suggest using Raptor-HP for 2 of your meals. You will not find a more nutrient-dense, high-quality protein meal anywhere. It will supply you with 24 grams of beef peptides, it’s naturally high in creatine as well as an added 3 grams of clinically proven Micronized Creatine Monohydrate.

VP2 Whey Isolate is another valuable tool to maximize muscle growth. VP2 is ideal to take after you train to start the recovery process immediately. I suggest you take 1 scoop of VP2 after you workout and another scoop 30 minutes after that. Taking VP2 after you train supplies your body with the highest quality protein during a time when it is craving it the most.

It is like throwing a dry sponge in water. After a workout, your muscles are primed to soak up all of the muscle-building protein they can get. You can also take VP2 any time during the day with meals to increase your daily quality protein consumption.

During this phase of your exercise plan, make it a goal to follow a consistent eating schedule centered on quality protein consumption. The sooner you develop this good habit, the better.


Well, my friends, you have your new assignment. Over the next 3 weeks, you will increase your foundation and keep building your momentum. This will lead you into the final phase before you graduate into all out Max-OT training.

You are in the process of making an intelligent exercise plan a part of your daily lifestyle. Each week you complete builds upon the last. Following this progression over a span of time will enable you to reach your physique goals.

Getting Started in Weight Training – Part 3

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Getting Started in Weight Training – Part 2

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