Cardiovascular Training

As I mentioned earlier, cardio-vascular training serves a few purposes. It is important for overall health and it also expends calories that can help burn fat.

There are three main variables of cardio training: duration, frequency, and intensity. The duration of your initial sessions will depend upon your current level of fitness. If you haven’t been active at all, you may want to start with sessions of 12-15 minutes. If you are pretty active you can try 20 minutes.

Let’s begin with a frequency of 2 cardio sessions a week. I would suggest you space your cardio sessions so you are not performing them immediately before or after weight training. You may want to include them on your days off.

Intensity is basically how hard you are working and can be gauged a few ways. Two common methods are rate of perceived exertion and heart rate. Much like we did with weight training, start off easy (moderate intensity) and build up from there. You can choose to do more or less cardio as you go depending on your own personal goals.

Nutritional/Supplementation Planning

Nutritional/supplementation planning is very important to the degree and speed of your results. You should start developing good nutritional habits now but don’t try to drastically change your diet overnight. Again, you will be more successful if you ease into this phase as well.

Protein consumption is going to be important. This is a key element in muscular development. In order for your body to fully respond to the stimulus of weight training, you need to supply yourself with quality protein. Muscle tissue is made from protein.

I believe this is a weak area in most people’s diets, especially those who exercise. Intelligent supplementation is a great way to increase your daily protein levels. The vast majority of my daily protein consumption comes from Raptor-HP and VP2 Whey Isolate. Not only are they convenient, they taste great and their quality is unsurpassed. And to top things off they are proven in scientific studies as the most effective supplements you can take to help you build lean muscle. Easy choice.

Start out by cleaning up your food intake. Avoid a lot of junk food as well as high-fat foods. Also, begin to focus on increasing your protein consumption.

I highly recommend adding 1 or 2 servings of Raptor-HP a day. This is a new “Super-Protein” and delivers incredible muscle-building peptides. This will get you started on the right track.


This should help give you a basic understanding and plan of attack to get going. Over the coming weeks, you will move into more intense workouts as well as more specific nutrition/supplementation planning. Now get to the gym and get started!

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