Dehydration is a performance killer. Although your body is made up of over 70% water, you only need to lose small amounts to have dramatic reductions in physical and mental performance. Sweating is good, but not replacing that lost fluid is not. Optimizing hydration keeps you stronger and faster for longer.

A recent study by researchers from Chicago State University revealed that dehydration (3% of body weight) increased the perception of fatigue by a whopping 70%. Also, power output decreased by up to 19%. That means if you exercise when you’re dehydrated, not only will your performance be lousy, you’ll feel lousy also – whatever you’re doing performing will probably feel 10 times harder.

Another study revealed that a 2% loss in body weight (that’s 3.5 pounds at a bodyweight of 180) through dehydration dramatically impairs exercise performance. At 5% dehydration work capacity drops by 30%.

There are hundreds of studies on the detriments of dehydration. Things such as decreased blood volume, accelerated glycogen deplenishment, decreased blood flow, and rapid fatigue. These are all barriers to optimal performance.

Rehydration before, during and after exercise is key to avoiding large dehydration levels as seen in these studies. Many athletes don’t realize it can take days to rehydrate properly to restore lost body mass caused by exercise in hot or humid weather. The key is never to allow yourself to even approach a dehydrated state. This requires steady fluid intake throughout the day.

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DGC - Fast Muscle Energy and Hydration - Best Energy Carbohydrate SupplementMuscle Energy and Hydration

DGC was designed to promote rapid hydration by supplying key electrolytes to speed fluid uptake and replenish minerals during exercise. The easiest way to benefit from DGC is to mix a serving in 32 ounces of water and sip it throughout your workout. Make this a part of every workout. You’ll fuel muscle energy, replenish muscle glycogen, replace lost electrolytes, and stay optimally hydrated.

Why is water only part of the equation?

Water only restores the volume of blood plasma and not the mineral and electrolyte components. The water – electrolyte balance is critical to optimal hydration.

Your results from training will only be as good as the effort you put in. Don’t let the lack of proper hydration get in the way.

 Source: J Strength & Conditioning Research, 

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Dehydration Kills Muscle Performance

by Paul Delia time to read: 2 min
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