There is nothing more impressive than a pair of big, powerful, and wide shoulders. Shoulders are the foundation of a great upper-body, and this Max-OT workout will deliver the results faster.

Here’s a Max-OT shoulder workout that’s fast, intense and guaranteed to add slabs of muscle mass.

Max-OT Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
Standing Dumbbell Press 3 4-6
Side Laterals 3 6
Bent Over Laterals 3

Warm-up Sets

The sets listed above are heavy sets and do not include warm-up sets. To warm up do 2 sets of dumbbell presses with a weight that’s about 60% of your heavy sets and do 12 to 15 reps for each set. Understand that warm-up sets are strictly to get your shoulders ready for the heavy sets. You can opt to do a single weight acclimation set if necessary. Use 80% of your heavy weight for 2 reps.

Rest Between Sets

After each heavy-set rest approximately 3 minutes. You want to achieve as close to full recovery as possible between sets.


As with all Max-OT workouts, your primary objective is to achieve maximum overload. Overload builds muscle – fatigue does not. Your weight selection allows you as close to 6 reps as possible. Not 7, not 10, not 12. 6 reps!

Focus and Intensity

Your mindset is extremely important. With each set, you should be in your own world. Focus on the muscle group you are training with maximum mental intensity. Attack each set with the highest physical intensity possible.

Fuel and Feed the Growth

Have a VP2 shake within 30 minutes after your workout to supply the potent building blocks to fuel the protein synthesis ignited by this workout.

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A Max-OT Workout for Big, Wide Shoulders

by Paul Delia time to read: 1 min