Bodybuilding is at the very core of our being and well-being as well. Going to the gym each and every day is something that is deeply ingrained into who and what we are. Now that we’ve found ourselves in a time period where we can’t get to the gym, we’re forced to make some very critical decisions based upon the elements that make up our bodybuilding way of life.

Many of you out there right now are most likely struggling with our current situation and as such, need to find ways to sustain the status quo with respect to holding on to the muscle mass you currently possess. To do so, you must keep in mind what components of this lifestyle can be supported during this downtime so that when life returns to our new normal, we can simply pick right up where we left off. Here are some helpful tips to get you through your day so that you can make the best of this situation we’re all in.

Keep Eating Like a Bodybuilder

This component of the bodybuilding lifestyle probably couldn’t be more important in the grand scheme of things than it is right now. This downtime we’ve found ourselves in can lend itself to developing some significant problems concerning nutrition. What I mean by that is that it’s going to be very easy to slip into the habit of snacking throughout the day on foods that you usually wouldn’t eat because of the rigorous schedule you usually maintain with life, work, training, and other family obligations. But now that you have that extra time, filling that void with unhealthy snacks is going to be something you have to be aware of and refrain from as much as possible. Do your best to stick to your diet, lower your calories a bit to offset your lower than normal activity levels and trust that this strategy will support your current physique.

Stay Active (as much as you can)

You don’t have to look at this downtime as a perfect opportunity to shut down completely. What you should be doing is taking this time to find alternative ways to be active, many of which you probably haven’t done in quite some time. For instance, get outside and go for a nice brisk walk. When was the last time you did that? Or maybe go out in the driveway and shoot some hoops. Of course, you’re going to try all of the ‘At Home’ workouts you’ve seen pop up everywhere (even the one I posted here), but aside from that, do the stuff you used to do as a kid growing up to keep yourself active and busy. Hiking through the trails, going for a bike ride, or even just hopping on that treadmill you’ve got in the basement that has been used as a clothes hanger up until now. The rush of endorphins you get from training that makes you feel good can still be achieved through other measures and along with that, just moving around some blood and oxygen in your body will do wonders for your mind and muscles while you wait to get back to moving the heavy stuff around which you had become accustomed to doing.

Educate Yourself

This component of the bodybuilding lifestyle is oftentimes overlooked by many but what a great time it is right now to further your understanding of how the human body responds to the training and nutritional stimuli that come along with what we do. Second to that, doing your research on how supplementation can become a huge component and factor in your progress as a bodybuilder will also be a benefiting factor in your education. I am suggesting here that you take advantage of this time and learn as much as you can. Read everything you can find and the first place I would start is right here on the AST Sports Science website. You can find articles pertaining to everything you’ll ever need to know about how to support your goals and be your best while subsequently learning about all of the amazing products we offer and how they fit into your overall plan for muscle.

If you use your time wisely and make a concerted effort to improve your knowledge base, not only will you be able to preserve everything you’ve worked for up to this point, but once we get back to the gyms, it’ll be like a whole new world has opened up to you with an endless amount possibilities.

I think we all know this isn’t going to be easy for any of us but the hope is that we can get back to a certain level of normality sooner than later. In the meantime, we have to do our best to look after ourselves within every level of our wellbeing and for many of us, that starts with supporting who we are and what we love doing. As bodybuilders, we’re used to resistance and finding ways to conquer that resistance is what we do best. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong while we all make it through this together.

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Critical Components for Maintaining Muscle During a Downtime

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