Max-OT will work for everyone. Max-OT produces the fastest results in lean muscle growth no matter what your experience level, how long or how little you have been training, male or female, whether you are genetically gifted or genetically shortchanged. Max-OT training produces superior results because it involves maximum muscle fiber stimulation coupled with maximum short term, intermediate term, and long term recuperation. No matter what your genetic predisposition is, maximizing muscle fiber stimulation through maximum overload and optimal recuperation is what produces maximum muscle growth.

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Should I cycle creatine? If so, can you tell me the best way to do this?

Now as far as being a “hard gainer”, if you adopt the moniker “hard gainer” you’re setting yourself up for failure. By convincing yourself that you can’t gain muscle or strength at an acceptable rate, you limit yourself with a negative, defeatist attitude.

To me a hard gainer is just someone who doesn’t train hard enough.

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I’m getting ready to start Max-OT. I have a question before I start. I’m a hard gainer. Will Max-OT work for hard gainers?

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