Getting the most out of each and every workout not only means training hard it also means training smart. Having a set plan of attack before you ever touch a weight can make a big difference in the productivity of any given workout and keeping a daily training journal is an easy practice that will increase your workout success rate.

One key to continual results is progressively increasing overload. Recording the weights, sets, and reps, you perform each workout will be a continuous measure of progress and ensure you are continually moving forward with your weight selections while never taking any steps backward.

Every set is an opportunity to stimulate new muscle growth. You want to take full advantage of this by using the correct amount of weight that overloads the muscles in a 4-6 repetition range. The last thing you want to do is mistakenly use a lighter weight than you did during the previous workout. Less weight equals less stimulus, which means less muscle growth. In other words, a wasted set.

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Your daily training journal will take away any guesswork when it comes to weight selection because you will be able to refer to it before each set and know exactly where you left off the week before. It’s all about efficiency.

A daily training journal is a simple yet powerful tool you can easily add to your muscle-building arsenal. I am confident that once you start keeping a daily training journal, you’ll wonder how you ever trained without one.

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Write It Down: Increase Your Workout Success With A Daily Training Journal

by Paul Delia time to read: 1 min