Every once in a while a sudden feeling that completely overwhelms you and totally throws off your approach to training sets in without any warning at all. This usually occurs to those of us who have a significant amount of training time under our weight belts and almost always creeps in unexpectedly. For some reason or another, your urge to train, to stick to your diet, to maintain your supplement protocol and keep up with the bodybuilding lifestyle you have become accustomed to just dissolves. Regardless of how hard you try to push through it, no matter how much self-talk and encouragement you give yourself and despite all your efforts to brush it off and start fresh the next day, you find yourself stuck in a rut with no way out in sight.

This happens to all of us and is completely normal and if you haven’t yet experienced this, you most likely will in due time. It is human nature to eventually shut down; after all, we’re not robots or machines and can only push ourselves so hard for so long. Should you find yourself in this situation, give the following suggestions a try and hopefully no too long after, you’ll find yourself back in the training saddle and ready to attack the weight world once again.

Time for a break from your workout

Overtraining is a real thing and can set in quite unexpectedly. This could have a major influence on your motivation for training. Rather than taking your chances when energy levels are at an all-time low and injuring yourself, take some time off. This time away from the gym will do your body wonders and will also give you a nice psychological break from everything you have been doing day in and day out for a long time. Nagging injuries will have a chance to heal, your central nervous system will have an opportunity to rest without constantly being battered by your training requirements, your digestive system can relax a little without always having to digest all that protein you’ve been eating, you won’t have to be so regimented with your days and you won’t have to constantly prepare meals in advance to ensure your nutrient timing is on point. Finally, you should be able to regain some of the mental clarity that you lost while getting yourself into this state. A nice break and being “normal” could be exactly what you need to reinvent your love of training.

Seek out new motivation

Sometimes getting into a rut with your bodybuilding lifestyle simply boils down to a lack of motivation; both internally and externally. I can remember the very first time I ever watched a bodybuilding competition live. It motivated me to train like no other, and I couldn’t wait to tear it up at the gym the next chance I had.

When you feel like your motivation has been drained, find something that excites you and gives you new hope. Read inspiring pieces of literature, watch motivational videos, try to put yourself in a position to meet the greats you’ve always looked up to and then re-establish an entirely new set of goals for yourself. Motivation is something that has to come from within, but external forces do have a great influence on how you feel inside about your physique and your training efforts. Perhaps you decide to dedicate everything you do to someone who means a tremendous amount to you, maybe you do things in honor of someone, or perhaps you pick a day on the calendar and say that this will be the day you want to look your absolute best. However you go about things here, getting back in touch with your motivation is going to play a significant role in getting you out of your funk.

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Re-visit what initially drew you to the sport

You have all heard the saying, “You can’t figure out where you’re going until you know where you’ve been.” and this holds a lot of truth when trying to shake the workout blues. I challenge you to go back and reflect upon what brought you to the sport of bodybuilding in the first place. Was it an older sibling who trained and you admired the muscularity they presented? Was it flipping through a pile of old muscle mags your uncle had stashed away out in the garage? Was it an old re-run of American Muscle you saw on television or was it the first time you ever watched Pumping Iron? Whatever it was, go back and reignite that passion that got you up and throwing around the iron in the first place. Conjuring up old training memories seems to have a way of making you feel happy and reminiscent of a time when anything was possible. And to be honest, anything still is possible with your training and your physique if you find what it takes to get over the hump and back to what you love doing.

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How to Avoid the Workout Blues and Get Motivated

by Dana Bushell time to read: 5 min
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