Every serious trainer knows the importance of supplementation in the quest to achieving the best physique genetics will allow. Often times the supplements chosen have been well established in the results they deliver. Other times the products used can be directly related to their popularity due to media hype. Once in a while, a supplement comes along that quietly gains momentum with those using it and can easily be overlooked by many. One such supplement that deserves credit for producing results yet may not be found in the supplement protocols of training enthusiasts is Beta-Alanine.

Beta-X Powder - Beta AlanineBeta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid and is the only naturally occurring beta-amino acid. This amino acid forms the dipeptide (a protein with two amino acids) carnosine in the muscle by binding with histidine, which gives muscles more strength and endurance to increase training intensity. Carnosine is a cytoplasmic dipeptide found in high concentrations in the skeletal muscle. It is an important antioxidant that protects cells from destruction and buffers acids that cause fatigue by levelling out the drop in ph levels that is commonly associated with intense training.

Trainers using beta-alanine supplements to increase carnosine levels will experience increased muscular strength and power output, an increase in muscle mass, an increase in both anaerobic and aerobic capacity and delayed muscle fatigue so that they can enjoy longer and more intense workouts. One final effect of supplementing with beta-alanine which can be noticed immediately is the vasodilatation effects due to carnosine being a precursor to nitric oxide synthase.

How to Use Beta-X

It is suggested that to experience significant results from beta-alanine one should consume this supplement in doses spread throughout the day. Trainers should take 1-2 grams upon waking, another 1-2 grams prior to exercise and again another 1-2 grams post workout. Studies have shown that to further increase the effects of beta-alanine it should be used in a supplement protocol lasting for at least 10-12 weeks as the longer muscles have high concentrations of carnosine the more noticeable the effects will be.

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When concern about safety using supplements arises you can rest easy when using beta-alanine products. No negatives side effects have been found in any study of beta-alanine and its effect on normal body functions.

Being that AST Sports Science is the leader in cutting edge sports supplementation, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Beta-Alanine would be on their list of products. BETA-X has been scientifically designed to increase muscle performance, both strength, and endurance while limiting the recovery time in between sets. This scenario has given bodybuilders a unique advantage during the final phases of their preps when energy levels are low and more work still needs to be done in the gym.

Using Beta-X really should be a no-brainer. Far too many times consumers get caught up in using a product they constantly see because of the amount of money companies have put into their advertising. The point being made here is as informed, intelligent consumers and trainers (I know you are if you are reading this) you have the ability to sift through the hype and focus in on products that work, are scientifically backed and come from distinguished companies with proven track records. AST Sports Science’s BETA-X truly is one supplement that no one should go without. Train hard, supplement accordingly and grow with AST Sports Science. You will not be disappointed.


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The Power of Beta-X

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