As a matter of fact, low-fat dairy proteins show a rather strong link to improving insulin function. Research published in The Journal of American Medical Association has revealed a direct link between an improvement in muscle insulin resistance and low-fat dairy food intake.

The Harvard researchers found that a high intake of low-fat dairy proteins protected against insulin resistance and improved insulin function in people with a high risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance increases with age. Reversing insulin resistance is the “re-sensitizing” of muscle cells to insulin. Maintaining optimal insulin function is an important component of building muscle and better fat metabolism.

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To support this link, a lot of work shows body composition correlates well with dairy food intake. That is, people who consume a diet rich in dairy are leaner than those that choose to avoid dairy foods.

So if you’re after healthy insulin function and a leaner physique, keep dairy proteins a big part of your diet. Remember, VP2 Whey Isolate is at the top of the list for your low-fat, protein-rich dairy choice.

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Since insulin is very anabolic, is there any type of protein that will enhance insulin function?

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